Tournament UUPL VII - Finals - Won by the Ruin Valley Rangers

Let's go rangers! ggs to idols though. Despite all the bullshit with the activity and such it was a battle through the end (literally).
I'm happy that I was part of this team, it's probably the most fun non official tour i've been on. Everyone did it's part, some through chat presence, some by just winning games and some even did both!

For people that dont want to see a whole post:

Pak We begin by the manager that has been mentioned 155 times by me through the entire season, I know I annoyed the shit out of you by continuesly asking for teams even if you didnt had the time for it. Despite all of that you endured it and gave me a team every week with a good match up. Keep being you man you're great and thanks again that I was able to be part of this team (just don't fuck me over again with changing my team last min ok? :3)

Accelgor Hey bro, how're you? I'm good I hope you're good too. Next.
Okay no for real bro you were one of the greatest assets to my winning streak, every week you made a list of mons what would work vs my opp. One week you didnt do this which I lost. We talked sometimes for hours (I still get something for staying up until 3 AM for you) just to keep eachother sane. You became such a good friend for me in such a short time, just keep by yourself man you will get your time! Tyrants for life!

Lycans The man in the 1st world country that had to endure with maybe 5 hours of electricity in the first 4 weeks, I had the pleasure to work with you on the sharks for a while and on this team. You're great don't let this uupl get into your head you weren't 1th seed for nothing!

Gondra The bitch that gets subbed in tiebreaker while being 0-1 down and wins. You were great this entire season, both on and off the pitch. You made me laugh so many times so keep being you man, as long you will do that you wont need weeb anime pictures anymore and might get irl cosplay girls you can take pictures of yourself!

Kushalos I know you for a while now, you can legit play anything and probs go positive in all of them. You're amazing keep that up man.

Indigo Plateau You had a rough season, but as 28th in SM you've put so much effort and dedication into this uupl which was insane. Nobody wouldve put this much effort into it after having a rough season but you did every week in week out your part for the team. The almost 6000 messages proof that, if you keep this up i'm sure you will be 27th in SM next year! I'm sure of it!

Darksafadao Hi clyde, post less hentai shit please. The man who subbed in twice and just won, your chat presence was great and it was a pleasure to interact with you man! Keep it up and you will be next year a starter for sure!

Hikari The 2nd guy who had no electricity for most the season, i've had not much time to interact with you but the times we did were great. Please choose your own teams next time okay? You know what's best for you. Hope to team up with you again.

Santu Not much to say what pak didn't said already, you're a great player sadly you weren't able to show it too much. Hope you get that chance to show what you're made of next time!

Wanka swordfighting, i'm not gay we just showed our dicks to eachother. You made me laugh so many times it's insane. It was a pleasure to hear your stories man, playingwise don't click draco on a fairy type next time okay?

Leru The man who went 4-1 for no reason, DPP UU god who took over when it was needed. I still don't get how Germany let's someone from The Netherlands manage them and I probably will never get it either. Just win DPP UU classic okay? Oh and watch out for earthquakes while riding your bike.

Raichy My husband who cheated on me 4 times and yet he made me love him over and over again. I didn't knew anything about you beforehand and man i'm so happy to have met you. You're always positive even when nobody else was, easily one of the most likeable people i've met on this site. You were amazing in ADV UU keep being you man!

alive The decider, the myth, the legend is alive. You were pretty upset losing in the finals but bounced back with insane prep in the tiebreaker. You have now the best record in GSC UU and you deserve it. You were just as Raichy not someone I knew before this tour, but man i'm glad that i've met you.


How right you were, you could easily be the co-manager and nobody would've disagreed with it. You helped every week with the tiers you could help with. I know you for so long and you haven't changed a single bit, keep it like that man. Everyone loved you on the team so believe more in yourself okay?

Thisbemyalt Mr. loves pokémon, you made me laugh the most of everyone on this team. You will be known was litterbox thief for your entire life, while not being on the team you were more active than some players on our team. You certainly deserve a shoutout.

TSR Every week testing with me, beating me every week and if I won I lost that week. Thanks for helping me out bud

Daddy Pearl / Eyan / Donphantastic / Killintime / suapah / YABO
All weren't on the team and yet all have either over 1k messages in our chat or made some amazing art for our team. I hope you guys stick to being you, all have made me laugh and gave me a fun time. I think this sums up it up the best. (This goes for all of you)

That was all, normally I don't do shoutouts (I haven't even done them when I was manager myself in nupl) but this team was so fun to be on that I think it deserved one.

I'm proud of my performance this UUPL, if people told me I would go 6-2 while winning in the semi's and finals I probably would've called a doctor for you.
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thanks for the memories
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What a wild ride. Thank you to all of my teammates on the rangers, particularly Lycans, Gondra, and alive for going at it with everything they had in the finals tiebreaker. None of this would have possible without any of you, and we all helped to prove ourselves to be a behemoth of a team that ended the tour without losing a single week. To those of us who absolutely murdered the competition and put the team on their backs whenever it was needed most, I wish you nothing but the best and can't wait to see you guys extend your success to other tournaments in the near future. To those who, like myself, weren't satisfied with their performance, I ask that you guys keep your heads up and continue to progress onward while learning from every mistake and shortcoming. Our success is right around the corner, and I'll be the first person in your corner to cheer you on and celebrate your achievements.

After skipping out on UUPL last year, I really wanted to put out a banger of a performance in this tournament. Going 4-2 in SM, 1-3 in ORAS, 3-4 in BW, and most importantly, 3-5 overall was nowhere near the bar I'd set for myself going into this year's UUPL. Still, there was a lot to be learned from this experience and I had the best teammates and friends to support and guide me through it all. I'll continue to give it my all in the remaining UU tours for this year and I hope to prove myself to be at the level that I believe myself to be at.

Pak: Thanks for choosing to team with me from the very beginning. I haven't had any outstanding mons records or achievements, but you still chose to trust me and spend endless hours planning our draft. You supported me the entire way when I was unable to set a good example through my play, as a leader should, and even when I made horrid decisions like bringing cheese to an important finals game when I had a would-be-effective team already prepped from the start of the week. But hey, mistakes are made to learn from and you know better than anyone that I'll do anything I can to learn from my fuck ups. On another note, your take on SM building is a unique one and I definitely hope to implement the lessons I've learned in the tours to come. Try and stick around in the meantime, and I hope that I can give you a better fight if we're ever matched up for a tournament.

Lycans: First time we teamed together and it was a pleasure hermano. I know you're unhappy with your record but you really made a good run towards the end of the tour and are still as dominant as ever. It's always fun playing you man, hopefully we can have some good games if we're matched up for any tours in the future.

Gondra: Really missed teaming with you after last year's snake man. You're a really positive and funny person, and team chats are made 10x better with people like you around. It's always loads of fun watching you play on the big stage, hopefully I'll get to see more of it in this upcoming snake and spl.

Jarii: Seeing you morph throughout the weeks into such a dominant force for our SM core was an amazing thing to witness. I'm glad you had a successful tournament my man and I'm grateful for you being there for me when I needed picking up. You were a fantastic teammate but an even better friend, and for that I thank you.

Indigo Plateau: You're highkey one of the people I'm most fond of on this site and I hope you know it. At some point in the tournament I believe I said that you were an elite SM UU builder at this stage of the tier's development, and I still stand by that notion. Stick around and keep your head up brother, I'm fully confident in you to get the ball rolling soon enough. Hopefully your incredible OU skill gets recognized in an official tournament soon, OST semis is nothing that should be passed over unnoticed.

Darksafadao: I thought I knew you decently before this tour but boy my knowledge was limited LOL. You're such a witty, enthusiastic, and enjoyable person to talk to and I love you for that and more. A player of your caliber should have definitely gotten more playing time in a perfect world, and you definitely came through for us when we needed you most. Thank you for that and good luck with your upcoming exams.

Santu: Another assassin who didn't get enough playing time. It's been cool seeing you make your mark upon the tournament scene in various tiers man, keep at it and continue to wow people with your clearly proficient skill. Thank you for supporting the team and for helping me out with test games and all throughout the season.

Wanka: The second I think you've reached the peak of fucking wild experiences, you prove me wrong. As always, you continue to be a force on the ORAS stage (apart from the moment when you left your braincells in the shower and clicked draco vs a florg) and it's been awesome teaming with you year after year. Always a great time teaming with you bro.

Hikari: Our team was arguably the most diverse team in the tour when it came to slot arrangements and you were a huge complement in that regard. I know there were some games that were fucking frustrating for you but seriously, thanks for putting on a show in both your BW and SM games man. You've also introduced me to a bit that can be used to improve my in-game execution and I'll definitely use that to my advantage in my future tour games, thanks for that as well.

Kushalos: Pretty sweet how we teamed together during my first UUPL and ended up winning it all together this year. Wish you were a bit more active than you were but that's just how it goes sometimes. Thanks for putting in the effort you did, our results wouldn't have been as great without you in the fold.

Leru: Man we were friendly before this tour began but after it's conclusion, I can say for a fact that I've grown even more fond of you. Everybody needs a uniquely quirky guy like you in a team setting and in your own way, you helped to make my experience more fantastic. Thanks for always being ready to sub in without even a moment's notice and for picking up right where you left off after the last DPP UU cup, you're an absolute stud.

Raichy: Without a doubt, you are the most wholesome member of the team. I've had fun while playing ADV before, but never as much as I did while playing with you. You have a really great mind for the game both in the builder and in-game, and I'm glad that we got to team together this time. Thank you for keeping the tier refreshing and for being someone the whole team could depend upon to get us a win when we needed one. Don't stop destroying the competition wherever you go, I'll be right behind you to cheer you on all the way. :blobnom:

alive: I wish I got into GSC earlier so I could play more games with you because my limited exposure to it towards the end of the tour was nowhere near enough. You've got a great eye for the tier and I've definitely learned a lot about the lone UU old gen that I was previously unfamiliar with. Thanks for the guidance and for being insanely reliable to count upon for a win, particularly in the finals tiebreaker when we needed it most.

Ark | Killintime | Thisbemyalt | Donphantastic | Eyan | YABO | Pearl | suapah

Thank you all for your support, whether it was directly influential to our players' performances or if it was to contribute positivity to our team's energy. Each and every single one of increased the quality of our team chat tenfold, and I'm glad you were on board for this rollercoaster ride. This might sound sappy but each one of you has made me smile or burst out laughing with your unmatched antics. Love you guys.

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